Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'll set my soul on fireee

June 24, 2016
                                                                                   My cousins were here for youth group!

Heeeellllooooo everyone! This week went by so incredibly fast! I gave a talk on Sunday about families, I served at Pioneer Passtimes and played with kids for 5 hours, I had a great phone call with Kevin (have I talked about him before? He is SO great), I saw three of my cousins who are here with a youth group, I became friends with an adorable 13 year old girl via mormon.org chat, and made a connection with a woman who walked right up to me and touched my “om” necklace. It’s been great.

Life is getting crazy, my family is coming to visit in the beginning of July and I found out my official release date is Sept. 16th. Ahhhh!
gonna miss this pioneer dress

Well as always I have no time, but enjoy these pics from Pioneer Passtimes! I love you all so much.

P.s. lyrics come from twenty one pilots, addict with a pen

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