Tuesday, August 16, 2016

All Truth is right here

August 12, 2016


The weeks are such a blur, as I say every week. It's hard to even remember what happened yesterday...
Let's see...
Oh, Elder Ballard came! He was here for the Smith family reunion. He spoke to the mission, and I also talked with him in the Visitor's Center. That was cool!
A family from one of my areas in Virginia was here as well! I only saw them for about 5 minutes, but it brought me back to Virginia...I miss it!
I had an amazing phone call with someone who left the church some time ago We had an incredibly open conversation, and afterward they told me if everyone in church was like me they would just go back. 
I talked to Kevin on the phone, I think I've mentioned him before. He is amazing! Every time we talk I hang up better than I was before. He has so much faith. 
My companion and I have not ceased to talk about anything and everything. We both are very active thinkers, and it's been cool to talk about different beliefs, concepts and ideas. I have come to the realization that Humility is everything. In any situation a lack of Humility is the root of the conflict. We must, at any time, be willing to admit that being wrong is an option....a very likely option. Once we believe we are unconditionally right, we are unable to progress. 
My eyes have been opened to the beauty that lies in every "kind" of person. Having companions that are determined for you gives you the opportunity to get to know the people you would have avoided in High School--and then realize that they have more to offer you than you to them. God speaks through His children, all providing different insights, and understanding different truths. The experiences we each have, and the meaning we give these, allows us to have a knowledge that is only shared between us and the Divine. We must then show it to others I love what I've been shown so far.
This morning we had some downtime, so I wrote a poem and thought I would share:
A blank page holds
the things which are true
things many proclaim
are much overdue
but now that I've touched
my pen to the page
the truth is restrained
to an ink covered cage
so let silence speak,
let emptiness whisper
all truth is right here
but just to the listener
Well I love you all! I'll be back on email for a minute after we go grocery shopping, Soo until then..... PEACE
-Sista Pug

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