Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

March 7, 2016

This week has been one heck of a roller coaster. Let me explain:




-On Tuesday I got the opportunity to go to Washington DC with all of the missionaries who are going home this transfer (Or back to Nauvoo in the middle of next transfer)! We went to the temple, and got to do some site seeing. It was an amazing, 70 degree day!!! (Get ready for lots of pictures) 

-On Wednesday, I woke up feeling awful and threw up.... My poor companion was put to work getting me cold cloths for my face, and keeping me company in the bathroom. She is the best. ❤️ (Fortunately it didn't last long, and we were back to work that afternoon! Later that day we bought some juice from this incredible place called the juice laundry. Oh my goodness, I hope it's a chain because that place is amazing. All natural, all fresh. Mmmmm.) 

-Friday we went to the most amazing all you can eat sushi. Oh my lanta. SO GOOD. We ate 4 rolls each....with no regrets. Oh, and we also made the most incredible music video. Some of you may be lucky enough to witness it.....maybe. 

-Saturday.....we got the call. Our mission president has decided that WE ARE BOTH BEING TRANSFERRED. EEEEE. Are we sad? Yes. Are we scared for change? Yes. Is it going to happen whether we like it or not? Yes. We leave tomorrow morning, and we don't find out where we are going until we get to transfer meeting. Ah! (And keep in mind, I don't even have a full transfer left before heading back to Nauvoo. So...I will most likely be in a trio. Double ah!)

So, my life currently consists of packing. And packing. And....packing. But that is okay, because I have loved every area I've served in, and an unknown future is an exciting thing. :) 


Yesterday at church a woman in our ward made a comment that struck me. She said, "God is more than a lack of sin." And I love that!!!!! Being righteous, and striving to be like Christ, is more than repenting. It's more than not doing the 'no's, it's also about doing the 'yes's. We can't just get rid of our bad parts, and not replace them with something better. We have to be anxiously engaged in a good cause. 

Well. I love you all so much. :) and just a friendly reminder, don't send any mail to my Arden creek address!! I will have a new address next week :) 

Lyrics today come from Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons:

And now I sleep

Sleep the hours that I can't weep

When all I knew was steeped in blackened holes

I was lost

Keep the earth below my feet

For all my sweat, my blood runs weak

Let me learn from where I have been

Keep my eyes to serve my hands to learn

Keep my eyes to serve my hands to learn

And I was still

But I was under your spell

When I was told by Jesus all was well

So all must be well

❤️ Love,


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