Friday, April 29, 2016

Stay righteous, stay classy...

 April 11, 2016

(This weeks blog was typed from a video Natalie sent:)


We love our jeep


Today I am going to the mission home and am speaking at the mission home and tomorrow I am going on a plane to Nauvoo.  And I am also eating Phad Thai right now. And I have like no time to write an email.  I am packing...

So this week we taught Zan. We thought he was going to leave us. It was crazy it was an emergency situation. And we got Thai food with Zan and we got all these pictures. companion: And it was our first time having Phad Thai.  And we taught Kenneth. Companion:  and that is our dryer, that is the best noise in the world. I don't know what else we did....  We worked with a lot of less active people.
Thai with Zan!

It is really bittersweet, I am literally going to Nauvoo tomorrow.  Does it feel real, no?  Will it happen regardless? Yes. So crazy! My suitcases are 49 pounds each. My carryon is 41 pounds.  Imagine me trying putting to put that sucker in the overhead.  A guy better sit next to me or I am suing.

This lady called my hair a bush and said I needed African product.  She said, "you need this to calm your hair down.

I love you all.  The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. So I will be back in Nauvoo.  So guess what that means.

1.  No Ipad.  What does that mean?  My emails to you will be very short, very sparse.No front camera selfies.  So the quality of selfies will significantly decrease. And if I don't email you back, because I will have no time anymore to email.

2. So, it also means that I will be wearing a Pioneer dress.

3.  And all the people that I will be teaching, I wont be teaching anymore. So, cry with me. It's okay though because I love Nauvoo and I get to see so many cool people.  Yeah.  Sorry this is an awkward video. 

Yeah, I love you all.  Stay righteous, stay classy, life is short so stunt it.

last day together :(

Sister Pugmire

Virginia Pics:

Random photo from Charlottesville! Sister Prach, Sister Brown (our favorite person) and after we ate delicious dumplings!



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