Friday, April 29, 2016

Know that where you sink is temporary

April 4, 2016
Hello everyone! 





This week, like all weeks, went by sooooo fast!!!! I basically have absolutely no idea what to say, mainly because so much has happened. I will try my best. 

-Well, general conference happened! Whoop whoop!! Holland and uchtdorf were obvious highlights. And what about the talk about refugees?? Sooo so good. 

-Zan continues to completely blow our minds.

-We met the nicest family from Iraq that let us in, fed us, and taught us about how they worship. 

-We were able to help a recent convert, Latasha, paint her kids rooms!! 

-We met up with two inactive members that we had called!!!

-We ran a 5k (hence the short email)

Well I love you all!!!!! Remember, I'm going back to Nauvoo next Tuesday and my address there is:

Lyrics today come from hollow shell by dayseeker: 

Shattered son in the sea

Know that where you sink is temporary 

Cause you'll rise and you'll see

When you pass what you find

From the depths of your grave

Will end your suffering 

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