Monday, January 18, 2016

Excuse us while we sing to the sky

10 MONTHS BABY!!!!!!!!

Today is my official 10 month mark. Can any of you believe I've been out that long? It seems impossible, but I guess when I think about all the things that have changed it makes sense. My hair is gone, there are 15 pounds more of me, I have a tattoo, I can actually talk about the scriptures now, I understand the gospel in a way I never expected, I own a LOT of skirts, I take longer than five seconds to pray at night, I actually enjoy running, I'm more open with myself and others, I am better at handling conflict (can't run away anymore...), I'm excited to read the Book of Mormon everyday, I easily talk to strangers, and I sing hymns to people I've just met. (Okay, I may have lied about the tattoo).

Next Saturday, the 23rd, is the transfer calls. If I'm transferred I leave the 26th. And then it's only two transfers until I'm back in Nauvoo!!!!! TWO TRANSFERS. THAT IS THREE MONTHS PEOPLE. AKA NOT VERY MUCH TIME!!!!!!! Eeeee!

Enough of that. This week was great! We had stake conference, and both Richard and Christiana came!! (Have I talked about them before?) They are both getting baptized this Saturday! I am beyond excited!!

Christiana is the mother of a recent covert in our ward, and has had a testimony for a long time but hasn't been able to make it to church because of her job! But now with a new job, and a car, she has been able to make it! Richard met with missionaries last May but was too nervous to be baptized. He then basically referred himself and wanted missionaries again! We were the lucky ones who got him! It's exciting stuff my friends!!

We had a great lesson with Kinsley this week!! The member who was supposed to come with us mixed up the time and didn't make it. We were nervous because without a woman, we can't go inside to teach him. But guess what?! We knocked on his door and a woman was there visiting!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

These people are amazing. In fact, all people are amazing. We are all one, we are connected. When we harm others, we harm ourselves. We are what we give. There is absolutely no such thing as true service, because you CANNOT give without receiving. It's a beautiful thing.


Well, I wrote some things this week!! Kind of!! I'm not sure if they are supposed to go together or if they should be separate, soo you can


Thick clouds surround mindless sound the air's so thick breathing's pointless now My hands grab for mist but they just form a fist Empty handed, numbered and branded, my lungs collapse

I'm stranded

I'm walking circular streets where no ends meet Through smoke I see your face, but you can't match my pace The meaning of life? the meaning of death?

I ask so many questions I'm out of breath I'm surrounded by people, but no one will talk Satisfied with just a wandering walk No place to go, no friend to be So we all end up swimming the endless sea I jumped, she jumped, everyone here we fell From the cliff, through the air, to this empty hell I turn to them, but they all they look ahead I hear one whisper, "Don't you know we're already dead?"

But yeah!! It was a good week with amazing lessons, and profound realizations. Missions are are a legit spiritual journey!!! I find myself laying in bed at night just contemplating the things investigators and friends have said to me.

I think my favorite part about serving a mission is learning about other people, and what they believe. I love new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and new ideas. I love putting them together, and finding similarities. For example, I found a huge similarity in the way I understand that gospel and reincarnation. You might be thinking, how the heck do those go together?! Let me tell you: I could, and do, argue that we are all one. Everything and everyone is a reflection of you, how you treat others, and how you perceive the world. We are in everything, everything is in us. Because of this we have the opportunity to see this life in more than just one way. When we truly love another person, we live their life with them. There is no "nobody understands me!!" Or "nobody loves me!!!" Love allows us to live more than one life, just as Jesus Christ did through the atonement.

I hope that made sense?? Basically just never forget that we have so much to learn from other cultures and religions!! Everyone is entitled to truth and revelation.

Well, that's all. Thanks for reading (or skimming). I love that I was lucky enough to live on this earth during the same time as all of you.

Totally forgot about this!!!
Aminata made us African food!! This is peanut butter soup!! So SO yummy!!

Lyrics today come from twenty one pilots:

While you're doing fine, there's some people and I Who have a really tough time getting through this life So excuse us while we sing to the sky

🍕Sister Pugmire

P.s. My iPad is totally out of storage so the pictures/videos today may be slightly random. Hehe sorry!!

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