Monday, January 18, 2016


Ah, I don't even know what happened this week!!!


To show just how scatter brained I am, yesterday I was looking at our dinner calendar and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness sister Manson I can't believe it's Thanksgiving this week!!" I truly thought this Thursday was thanksgiving. I'm crazy.

We taught Aminata, Emmanuel and Taryn again this week!! So solid!!

Aminata and Emmanuel both came to church and they love it!!!! Emmanuel asks us every lesson when he can be baptized!! He is my favorite human. I'll attach a photo of sister Manson and I with Aminata and all the kids she watches!!

We had exchanges with the STLs this week which was great! Sister Manson is scared of foreign foods, so any time I'm on exchanges we go out to get some. This time we had Pho!! So yummy!!

Also a less active member of our ward gave us sushi and cold stone gift cards!! I was literally jumping up and down.

Do you all remember our investigator Nathalie who moved away? Well guess what?? SHE WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!! I'll send the photo. We were so happy, even though we couldn't go!! Ah!!!!!

What else happened....we have a new investigator named Richard and he came with us to a baptism this week! That was awesome!!

Man my head is always scrambled, but today it's especially so.

Also last Sunday the new Christmas video was released!! If you haven't seen it yet, go to and check it out!! We show it to everyone we can, and it's great because it is SO simple and connects us with all other Christian faiths. We share it with scary looking men on the street, kids, dogs, cats, you name it. Everyone has loved it!!!!

Something that I've become painfully aware of is the fact that more people know about Santa than about the Savior. We were at a members house for dinner and the husband explained, with tears, the struggles he has with this commercial holiday. I can't help but agree. We give so much glory to a fat man who travels the world and eats cookies at every house. We glorify a fictional character merely because he give us stuff. It's crazy!!! Long ago we decide to dedicate a time of the year to remember the birth of Christ, and then what happens? The world finds a way to kick him out. He's already been forced out of schools, and other various things, but why has He been kicked out of His own holiday??

It's cliche, but remember the reason for the season. Remember the gift of the atonement. Remember when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God.

I love you all! Sorry this is so short! Or maybe it's a good break from my ramblings, who knows. ;)


Invincible- The orphan, the poet

"Love is not a shield to weather the war, it's the smallest keepsake we shield from the world"
Sister Pugs

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