Monday, January 18, 2016

We're different colors, we carry each other


It was a great week!! We had a zone conference (food included, yay), we had exchanges with the STLs, we found three new investigators, I ate apple pie for lunch, AND had pizza....a lot.

Wow. A lot of joy comes from food. ANYWAYS.

I don't have a ton to say this week but I have some stories!! A couple nights ago we were contacting potentials and at one door I knocked and I heard the mom say to her kid, "who is it?" He went to the peep hole and then he says, "I have a clue for you....she's white." That made me laugh so hard!! It's rare when we knock on a white persons door.

Yesterday we were contacting potentials again and we met a man from Ghana named Rapheal. He was so funny. He was trying to test us, and pretended like he knew nothing about God or the bible. He also tried to tell us he was 16....he's 35. Hahaha. My companion said she was twenty one and he said no way you're lying!! And I was're the one who has been lying this whole time!!! He looked at me, smiled, and said, "God knows I'm kidding." Oh my goodness we were dying laughing. He made our day. And we got a return appt :) Also here are two quotes from him that I loved:

"Nobody on this earth is poor. You give good, you get good. You give out bad, you get bad."

"I don't believe in any people. I believe in *points up* him."

(He asked me if I believe in people, and said "no...I don't believe in flesh." And he said "thank you" and shook my hand. It made me happy because lately it's really bugged me how we use the phrase "believe in yourself." Meeting new people is so fun.)

We had a great lesson with one of our new investigators Kinsley yesterday! He is also from Ghana!! And a member of our ward with a nonmember husband is his neighbor, so we stopped by and had an amazing lesson with them too!! Yay!!

We have FIVE people (kind of) on date for the 23rd!!!! Eeee!! And transfer calls come that day as well!!! I may be getting transferred this time because last week president asked me where I wanted to go next.....we shall see!!!!

Oh also our other new investigator is Samuel, ALSO from Ghana!! He is soooo nice and we have a lesson with him tomorrow!!! :) yay!

Well, that's really all I can think of right now!! Remember to: wear ugly sweaters, drink (erbal) tea, watch Parks and Rec, go the grocery store in your PJs (it's liberating), use the atonement because we all suck, spread love and positivity, respect others beliefs (does not mean to adopt them), tell the people you love that you love them, and listen to music with substance.

Oh! Just a reminder: being open minded doesn't mean being liberal. It means being open to other opinions!! Including conservative opinions!

(I'm trying to be better at this.)

I love you all!!!!!!!!

P.s. This year my New Years resolution is both realistic and measurable!!! It's to eat more of this stuff!!!!!! 🍕

Lyrics this week come from walk the moon:

We keep cranking the music up

Driving through our town

But they don't want to hear us

They want us to to turn it down

So come on lovers, come on haters

Tonight we raise the fire

Cause when people get to dancing

They forget about taking sides

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