Monday, January 18, 2016



So yes, they were baptized on Saturday!! It was lovely!! I must admit, though, baptisms are stressful!!! We got there 2 hours early to fill up the font and guess what?? The water was coming out cold and we couldn't do ANYTHING about it!!! After the baptism Emmanuel told brother Tenny (who baptized him), "I feel like a penguin....but without the feathers..." Haha!! Also our ward had a choir practice going on and all of these members from another ward were there cleaning the church (the baptism was at 10am because there was a wedding reception that night). Crazyness!!!

This week was wonderful!! My new companion is sister Ngosha, and she is from Tanzania!! Which was totally inspired because out of our 14 investigators only 1 of them is white. Haha!!

We got two new investigators this week, one of them is Grace! She is from Africa, obviously, and is amazing!! I'm so excited to continue to teach her. The other one is Vanessa, who I believe is from Africa as well. She was legitimately excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon, it was awesome!! And mom and dad you might not believe this, but I asked her if I could hug her when I left!! Yes, I initiated a hug. Kind of insane, but she was a sweetie and I couldn't resist.

We also have two new potentials investigators!! I said hello to them in passing and they replied, "why hello beautiful ladies!" Then a few seconds later they turned around and asked, "what are your names?" In the mission world being hit on is code for, "please teach me the gospel." So that is what we did!! They were both Christian, and super nice!!

A slightly vain highlight of this week was the fact that I got a package everyday three days in a row!! Firstly, one of my best friends Paige gave me what was probably the best Christmas package I will ever receive. She knows me incredibly well. I will attach a photo of the pizza PJs she got me ❤️❤️ then, the first day that I have to drive, I walk outside to a package and guess what's inside.....A FLIPPIN GPS. GUUYSS. I never even asked my family to send one because I felt bad!!!
My parents and grandparents are THE BEST. And then the next day I get cat socks and a cat umbrella AND COOKIES from the Hillyard family!!!
Like what!!! I'm spoiled rotten.

Oh, funny story, one night my companion and I stayed up kind of late. I was doing her hair and she randomly decided she wanted bangs soo, we cut her hair!! And then for fun she put her wig on me!! Hahaha!! If you're familiar with the singer LIGHTS, I was freaking out because I kind of looked like her with the wig!!

Well, this week is....CHRISTMAS. 🎁🎉 We have our mission wide Christmas Conference tomorrow in Richmond and I am so excited!!! I get to see Sister Schenck and also some friends from Washington that are serving here as well!! Eeeeee!! And then FRIDAY IS CHRISTMAS DAY WHEN WE GET TO SKYPE!!!!

I'm slightly ecstatic.

I love you all. A whole lot. Don't give up, love everyone you meet, eat some pizza, read a good book, go outside, pet a cat, and make an effort to learn something new everyday.

Heavy Rope: LIGHTS
Parts in different Places: Moving Mountains
Leave a Trace: CHVRCHES


P.s. THANK YOU to the Grass Valley Relief Society for sending me that
cute Christmas tree!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

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