Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Well...transfer calls came on Saturday night and Sister Manson is leaving me!! This means I now am taking over the area, driving, and receiving a new companion. AH! It's so much different than in Nauvoo because here if your companion is transferred, you aren't really guaranteed to see them again. Pretty freaking lame if you ask me.

Another unfortunate aspect of all of this is Sister Manson is taking her lovely GPS with her. Pray for me.

This week was a pretty solid not eventful week! Hahaha. We taught, and taught, and taught some more. We had our ward Christmas party (Richard came! Score!! And so did a less active we visit! Double score!), we made crazy dance videos to Christmas songs, we saw Aminata and Emmanuel, we saw Taryn etc....

Letter from Emmanuel
Oh!! Actually, funny story. A couple nights ago we went out for sushi.

Sister Manson does not like seafood, but she was a trooper and let us go because we had that gift card. The Vietnamese woman who owned the restaurant was sooo funny! I wish you all could have been there. She taught sister Manson how to use chopsticks, she made her eat wasabi, she had us sit up straight and yelled at us if we crossed our legs, she made sure we ate our sushi in a certain order, and all this other stuff. I was laughing SO HARD and sister Manson just didn't know what to do because she did not like the sushi at all. The woman was very nice though, and we were able to show her the A Savior is Born video and she loved it!!! We gave her some pass-a-long cards and she had us sign them before she put them up on her wall!! She was so funny.

It's been so warm here lately, it's crazy!! It was in the 70s yesterday!!!! The Stearns invited us over for a BBQ and it was so fun!!! They are one of my favorite families in the ward for sure, they make me laugh so so hard. And now that I'm a missionary, I just LOVE hearing mission stories....especially from awhile ago when there weren't so many rules...hahaha

The life of a missionary is a good one! We "sacrifice" so we can come out, have amazing spiritual experiences, and be completely spoiled by the members. It's not really not a fair trade if you ask me, but I'm not complaining.

Well, have a great week everyone! Remember our Savior and why we celebrate.



Photos from Marcus' baptism:  


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