Saturday, April 4, 2015

MTC 2nd Week

Hello Everyone! 
It feels like it has been FOREVER since I have emailed! This will be my last pday in the MTC, which is so crazy! I leave for Nauvoo next Tuesday, and I'm not sure when my pday will be once I'm there.
Ah It's so hard to even know what to say, so much happens that I could write a 10 page email after every single day.

 It seems that in the MTC you can't have a good day without having a bad one to follow. But I guess when you're doing God's work it's stupid to think that Satan is just going to let you have good days all the time.
I'm pretty sure everyone here just thinks I'm emo because the Branch presidency is always asking me if I'm doing okay. But maybe that's because I send the branch president references to emo songs and albums in my weekly letters. Hahahaa.

Last Friday was really cool, everyone in our district was crying, even the boys. I think we were just all at a point where we were really doubting ourselves and our abilities to bring others to Christ, and to teach. But our teacher, Brother handy, is just super in tune with the spirit and he knew exactly what to say to each of us. He told me he felt like he could talk to me at a higher level than most missionaries because even though I don't have the best knowledge of the scriptures that I was born with the natural ability to love and understand others. And that I just "get it." Needless to say, that was exactly what I needed to hear. It's so hard to be surrounded by missionaries who know so much more than you and it's hard to not be down on yourself.


Sunday was fast Sunday, and it was awesome. It's amazing to hear the testimonies of people your age who are all preparing to serve. 
Earlier this week our elders left which was super sad! Class has not been the same, it's honestly so boring with just girls...haha! Our elders were the best, sister Lynn and I were laughing ALL THE TIME with them. Their favorite thing to do was say things in a "dobby voice" (from Harry Potter), and they were always drawing Dobby on the white board. I don't know what it was, but Sister Lynn and I just thought it was hilarious.

Our hilarious elders left :(
and now we don't get funny drawings on the board

We received new elders in our zone, but not our district. We don't have classes with them, and are really only able to see them at meals or devotionals. SO basically what I'm saying is meals and devotionals are great and classes suck. Haha! Just kidding! Kind of! 


our district!
we're  cute I guess
Now that we are on our third week here at the MTC we are in visitor center training. All the girls in my district are going to a visitors center, and we are learning how to apply the lessons we have learned to a visitor center environment. Also, as VC sisters we get to chat with people online and call them! You know how when you go to there is an option to chat and ask questions? I'm on the other end of that! So crazy, but cool! I enjoy it because I feel that I am better at writing than talking. And it's nice because you can ask others for advice on what to say, and you are able to look things up or look in the scriptures.

Today was crazy! All 9 of us visitor center missionaries got to go to Temple Square and be missionaries there. We were teamed up with one of the missionaries at the square and got to give people tours! I was able to tour with a man who is getting baptized tomorrow!! Isn't that crazy?!

At Temple Square

Sometimes I can't believe I'm a missionary. I'll be walking around and I'll see some missionaries and I'll think, "Wow! The missionaries are here!" And then I'm like, "Oh wait...I'm a missionary." It's a super strange feeling. I always looked at missionaries as super smart people that knew everything, and now I'm a missionary and I know nothing! Whoops!
So, this past week and a half or so I've had these thoughts:
-Judging others is like opening your eyes during a prayer to see who has their eyes open.
-You can't let not being good enough prevent you from using the atonement (aka don't think that because you aren't perfect God doesn't want to hear from you, like duhhhhh he created you so he knew you would make mistakes.)
-Teaching people isn't about knowing things, it's about knowing how to teach with the spirit
-prayer is real and it works
-people are awesome
-waking up at 6:30 AM is hard, and it's even harder when Sister Nelson is singing Disney Songs
-people who are crazy different still feel the same spirit
-Everything in the world is relative, except the Gospel. 
-Living without music is awful
-Love is everything
-bad days aren't your fault, when bad days turn into bad weeks it's your fault

I love her so much!
straight up thugging!


This whole experience i'm having is so hard, but so worth it. Most mornings I wish I could dissolve into my bed, but there's always at least one part of my day that makes being here worth it.
Also can I just say something? I am SO GRATEFUL for my companion sister Lynn! I think I would probably be dead if she wasn't my companion! I was so scared I was going to be paired with some girl who hated me and thought I was Satan, but she's perfect and we're perfect and everything's perfect.
I have more things to add to my list of "Funny things Sister Lynn says":
-*Putting toppings on ice cream* "Now I really know what God meant when he said he would make all wrongs right."
-"You know what Sister Pugmire? We're gonna figure this Mormon thing out."
-*Hysterically laughing during a role play* "Sorry...I'm taking a new's called NOT SLEEPING."

She's just the funniest thing to ever exist.
If you are not attracted to us then you're just wrong
Also the girls I'm rooming with, Sister Nelson and Sister Wood are amazing Sister Nelson couldn't be more different than me, but she allows me to see the world in a different way. Sister Wood is just awesome, and she laughs at the things I say so, what more could you want? But no, really, these girls are amazing and the amount of love I already feel for them is incredible.
I love you all as well, and there are so many parts of my life that I already miss so much. I took most of my life for granted, but I know that I'm learning and growing so much here!
Just remember, the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return. :)
I LOVE THESE GIRLS more than most things!


emailing and doing laundry, like a boss
more stuff:
- the Grant family sent me a dozen donuts!! Please tell them thank you, I don't have their information!

-Last Friday I ate an entire pizza for dinner. That's right, an entire pizza. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience.

-Yesterday my companion got to go to Chick-Fil-A and she got me 7 sauces because she loves me.

-The other day sister Nelson told me she wished we could all drive in a car with me while I played my music because then they would all probably understand me better. I don't think I've ever heard anything more accurate

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