Thursday, March 26, 2015

MTC 1st Week

Okay, so the MTC is crayyy crayyy. I have never felt like such an inadequate human in my entire existence. Normally I just know what to say to people, and I'm the one people come to for advice ...but all of my abilities have completely vanished ever since I walked into this place. 
these people are SO SMART. It's insane! I'm like...uh, what did I even learn in seminary? Honestly?

Temple Trip

But no, it's been good! I haven't even cried yet! Haha! 
Our schedules are insane, 16 hour days. Classes, studying, classes, studying, classes, studying etc... And then time to eat and 50 minutes of gym time. With going to bed at 10:30 melatonin has been my best friend. And waking up at 6:30...I don't want to talk about it.
My companion's name is Hannah Lynn and she is soooo funny! I love her so much! She is the sassiest person I have ever met and she makes me act like a 7 year old. I don't think I have felt so much pain but also laughed so much in a week's time. I made a list of funny things she has said in my journal and here they are:
"Is there sunshine in your soul or is yours just black?"
"I am going to cut you and feed you to the elders"
"You know those outfits on the sister missionary website? It would take Jesus literally coming down for me to wear those."

me and my companion

The other sisters in my district are sister Nelson and sister Wood, and then the elders in my district are elder Whipple, elder Levefre, and elder FiField. They are SO different and watching them interact is SO FUNNY.And it's so funny to see how in a week's time we have gone from sitting together in a room awkwardly to not being able to shut up. 
Sister Nelson is this cute little girl who has planned on serving a mission from the moment her mother popped her out. I have never seen so many polka dots or cardigans in my entire life. She tells us she loves us every night, and every time we are doing anything: exercising, studying, breathing, she exclaims, "this is so fun!" it's honestly so funny. She's super cute and so opposite of me it's hilarious.  
Sister Wood reminds me a lot of my old roommate Amelia! She is sooooo funny. She is the perfect mix of sarcastic and spiritual. Also she loves hot pockets so we relate on level this world cannot understand.
my district

Nauvoo sisters
The people here are super nice, everyone just goes around complimenting you and it's so cute This sister hugged me once and she was like "NOW I'VE HUGGED A VS MODEL" and my comp told me my clothes have inspired me to change her whole look so ya know, I may not be converting people yet but I guess I'm kinda inspiring. ;)
I FOUND JOSH!!!! We had meals together and it made my day every single day. I LOVE JOSH SO MUCH. If you don't know who Josh is I'm very sorry for your loss.
Josh (next to me)
I feel like I had so many things I totally wanted to tell everyone but now that I have time to email it's all slipping my mind. I should probably write it down when I think of it.
OH! they want me to ask people to be baptized on the FIRST LESSON! And I'm like...uh HECK TO THE NO. And I basically just told them they're crazy and if you do that you're going to get a lot of people who think you're too pushy if you do that...but I don't know. So I'm learning a lot, but I'm also learning that I'm have a very different way of going about things than most of the people here.
What do you guys wanna know?!
The food is okay, the ice cream is wonderful, and whenever we have pizza I cry a little bit.
The beds are not the best and the blankets suck but sleeping is still one of my favorite things to do.
I think I annoy everyone because I am honestly so loud. Sister Lynn makes me laugh about every 5 seconds and I've already been called hiccups.
I eat cereal more than once a day and it's glorious because they have it out for every meal.
5 seconds ago one of the elders stole my beanie and told me I was going to get sent home hahaha so now my hair looks awful.
Oh! Funny story! the elders in my district are obsessed with my hair. I straightened it last week and they were so mad and told me my assignment was to have it poofy the next day. It's so funny. They make me laugh so hard!
Well, I'm not dead so that's good news! If you have any questions let me know! :)

I love you all so much!!
Sister Pugmire


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