Monday, April 13, 2015

Nauvoo #2

Hello Everyone!!
I know you just heard from me on Saturday, but my P-day is now officially on Mondays! Yay! It will be this way for 6 weeks, and I look forward to having some consistency! 
My companion is Sister Hinze, and she is amazing!
These last couple of days were great! On Saturday night I ran into Amelia (college roommate)  again, and I was able to see her at church on Sunday as well! It was soo so nice!
Church here is so funny because it's a missionary ward. That's right, it's a ward with 170 seniors and 12 of us young sister missionaries. So it's a lot of smiling, hugging, and repeating words while talking slowly. 
After church yesterday I served in the Family Living Center, where I taught people how to make bread, candles, and clothes. It was a pretty slow day so I was actually able to take a nap in a comfy recliner chair...oh the tender mercies that find their way into my life 
I was also able to talk with some of the senior missionaries, who had some pretty hilarious stories that we were told could not leave the room.
Last night we had a sociable where the returning sisters where able to talk about their outbounds. Before we started, all of us young sisters sang the efy medley that has sisters in zion and the Army of Helaman song all mixed together. It was so awesome! Looking into a crowd of senior couples staring at us and crying was crazy, and our mission president was basically sobbing. I'm just hoping it's not because they heard my voice.
I am just loving the people here, I know my parents complained that I need to talk more about the location and less about the people, but I just can't help it! The sisters I am serving with are just phenomenal people, and I love how close we already are. I have never laughed so hard, but been so insanely tired, in my life.

What's life without a couple selfies!

I made my brownies with peanut butter sauce and oreos the other day, and I think that bought me quite a few friends. Last night all of the girls ran over to my condo and ate the rest of the pan I think they hate me a little bit because they were all planning on starting diets. Whoops ;)

Anyways, I miss music more than anything and I miss being able to talk to people all day, every day, but I am also loving it here! There are hard times, but there is always something better to counteract them. ♥  

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