Monday, April 27, 2015


This week we got to go to the barn and see the horses! It was really fun, and while I was there guess what found me? A cat. It was glorious.

HANGIN out at the barn!
Another great thing about this week is that I was finally able to go to Carthage Jail and serve there for the day! It's insane to think that that's really where Joseph Smith died! Sister Hintze and I taught a nonmember couple there, and we gave them a Book of Mormon and got their email! They were insanely nice and willing to learn! It was so cool! On the way home from carthage, we got totally lost and ended up 30 miles north of Nauvoo....oops. Those of you who know me well know how horrible I am with directions, so I was no help. It's hard to not have a GPS or a phone! We stopped at a gas station for directions, and everything worked out. It was kind of nice to be lost, we were able to just drive. ♥
ice cream with Sister Nelson! ♥

 Another highlight of this week was listening to my companion sing and play the piano. AH! She played Coldplay and The Fray and I died a little bit inside. It reminds me of when I would go to my best friend Hanna's house and just lay on the floor while she would sing and play piano/guitar. It's the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!!! I am so determinded to learn how to play the piano when I get home, because music is just the best thing...ever. And I want to be able to do more than just appreciate it.

Uh....I'm trying to remember what I even did this week! Weeks on the mission are so trippy, they feel so short but then when you look back you can't even remember what you did.

The Nauvoo temple ♥ (My eyes are shut...whoops)

This week I served in the Visitor's Center, the Family Living Center, the Printing Shop, the John Taylor Home, and the Wilford Woodruff home. So far I've really loved the John Taylor home, and I'm not sure why! Maybe we were besties in heaven before we got here....probs.

Oh! One funny thing, my comp and I tied our aprons on our heads and rode home looking ridiculous. A senior missionary took our photo and called us the flying nuns Hahahaha.
Flying Nuns!
Also this week a Tongan sister, sister Milaie, cornrowed part of my head! Haha! It's awesome and it made me want to shave off part of my hair....maybe in another life.

Ohhhh, super cool thing, in relief society one of the senior missionaries said that her sister has a gift of being able to talk to her ancestors, and they are related to both Hyrum and Jospeh Smith. And she was able to receive a message from JOSEPH SMITH that he wanted all the missionaries to know...pretty intense stuff. I LOVE stuff like that, I think it's sooo real and so cool. it's amazing to know the saints who were here can see the work we're doing. 

Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton, but as soon as I get on the computer I always forget everything I was wanting to say. I love you all and I hope you all have FABULOUS WEEKS!!! ♥
LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls! ♥

OH I REMEMBERED SOMETHING! Brandon Flowers and the Drummer of Neon Trees both have Mormon video things! Watch them! They make me so happy!!!!

Also, there is this talk by Elder Bednar called Characters of Christ that I watched in the MTC and it's the best talk I have ever heard and you should watch it! I bet it's on YouTube or something!
I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT! ♥ Everyone please listen to good music for me!! I die a little but more each day without my spotify!

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