Monday, April 20, 2015

God answers prayers through cats

hey guys!!! 

This week was pretty good! Weeks go by so fast here, but the days go buy so slow!

We had the Amish community come tour Nauvoo this week, as well as some Polygamists! It was a crazy day to say the least! The Amish were so nice though, and it was so cool to get to know them!
thunderstorms & rain
A couple of days ago we had a thunderstorm and it POURED. Thunderstorms are AMAZING here!!!! I love it so much!! While we were doing our nightly planning, Sister Hintze and I left the door open so we could hear the storm, and a cat ran into our apartment! TALK ABOUT A TENDER MERCY. I was soooo happy! Thunder and Cats? Could it be any better?? I think God knew I was having a rough day so He sent me a cat. I was more than grateful.

After spending some time with the cat, we ran outside and danced in the rain. I LOVE RAIN. And thankfully, so does my companion. It was such a refreshing feeling to just stand there as it poured.

So, here in Nauvoo we serve in the historic sites a lot! And when we work in the historic sites, we wear our pioneer dresses. It's honestly kind of nice because I never have to think about what to wear! The struggly part is that fact that we ride bikes to the sites most days. Just imagine a herd of sister missionaries riding around on bikes in PIONEER DRESSES. We honestly look like some kind of witches. It's the most hilarious thing. We also have to be super careful not to get our dresses stuck in the bikes, Sister Heninger got hers stuck this week and it was so sad and hysterical at the same time.
Richardson point
It's been pretty slow lately, so sometimes we'll only give 5 tours in our 10-5 shift. Sister Hintze and I have to find ways to entertain ourselves, and this week it consisted of very strange selfies and dandelion crowns. It was the best.

dandelion crowns!
The mission president and his wife are awesome! And so are all the old people running around! They all put on shows and I've seen one, and it so funny! You can see in the faces of some of the older men that they don't really want to be on stage singing, and it's pretty entertaining.

I hope you all are doing well! I miss everyone, and I miss a lot of the things I left behind, but it's all worth it! This week I learned:

-Things won't change if you want them to stay the same, you have to ALLOW change

-I am never going to do anything so grand that it will change the world, but I can change the world by changing my perception of it

-Complaining makes things worse

-Cereal is heavenly

-YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR DAY. This morning I had something bum me out, and I literally just told myself to shut up and get over it and now I'm fine. We have so much more power than we think.

-Satan LITERALLY wants you to hate your body because he doesn't have one

-Not having music still sucks

Oh, If you have the chance watch Bednar's talk called "The Character of Christ". It was kind of like my farewell talk only 10000x better.

Well I've run out of time! I need to learn to type faster!!!

Until next week!!! ♥

Sister Pugmire
DO WORK! (mtc picture)

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