Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This week has been good! I am seriously loving my companion! In the sites we talk about the WEIRDEST things...We planned our funerals and said we were going to set ourselves on fire? And we meow like cats a lot? And quote Hot Rod, Zoolander, Spongebob, and Moulin Rounge at least 50 times a day? It's kind of the best. We say something we're grateful for about each other every night and one night she just goes..."I'm grateful that you have eczema..." because she has it too and I laughed for a good 20 minutes. I only get to be with her for a couple more weeks and then I have a new companion and I'll most likely be TRAINING. I don't even want to talk about it.

OH! guess what I love about my mission?! EVERYONE LIKES THAT I'M "CHILL." Okay, I know I'm writing that in caps so it doesn't look like I'm chill. But really. All my life people have gotten mad at me for not being able to make decisions and for being laid back BUT PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOVE ME FOR THAT HERE AND IT'S MY FAVORITE. ♥ One day when I was serving in the Visitor's Center there was a member who worked for some Indian Reservation organization and she was SO COOL and while I was talking to her she said I needed to "work with the crazies" because I was so calm and collected. She was so awesome. It's just cool to actually be more myself on a mission than I thought I was going to be able to be.

We also met a woman named Debbie in the Bakery and she just started telling us her life story. It was so cool. She had a bunch of questions and somehow I just started answering them. It was so awesome!

The spirit is so cool, every tour we give is a little different because of it. This week I was giving a tour in the Brigham Young home and I had the feeling to let one of the ladies read a letter that was given to Brigham Young explaining that Joseph Smith had died (Brigham was on a mission at the time), and while she was reading it she started crying. When you'r on a mission making people cry is THE BEST because it means they're feeling the spirit! Gotta love it!

Also this week the Young Performing Missionaries arrived! They are in the plays and the band! Everyone I've met has been super nice, and I met two trombone players! Holla! It's weird to have boys around again, everyone freaks out when we talk to them. It's hard to find the balance between talking and flirting sometimes Hahaha

TODAY is P-day, obviously, and it has been bomb! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which was glorious. Music and TVs everywhere. Hmmmm. And meat. Hmm hmmmm.
We also went to target!!! Yes! And I got 2 letters and 2 packages today! I LOVE LETTERS AND PACKAGES YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW. I LOVE THEM.

The hardest things so far are waking up in the morning and not listening to music. By my bed, I have a ton of photos taped up and doodles of lyrics. This morning I was laying there not wanting to move and the Lyric "rise against the tides" fell on my face. I decided God was telling me to get up. Hahahaha. It was the best but also the worst.

Well, I love you all and thank you all more the lovely emails and letters ♥ If any of you feel inclined to send me lyrics to songs you love or songs you know I love I wouldn't mind...just sayin ;)


Keep on keepin' on,

Sister Pugmire


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