Monday, September 21, 2015


WARNING: this email is going to be very short.
single and ready to...  share the gospel

 Today we enjoyed our Pday with the Hansen's (I've been spelling it wrong in the previous emails), and it was the best Pday so far! We went into Quincy and toured an old Mansion, ate AMAZING sushi with eel, and went shopping! It was just so fun, and I love the Hansen's so much. :')

Sister Heninger thinks she's funny....
This week Sister Heninger and I had some hysterical chats. Like, we were on the floor laughing. I'll send you some photos :)


Earlier this week we had the privledge of singing at a wedding! One of the single senior sisters here met one of the sing senior elders here AND THE REST IS HISTORY ♥ It was a lovely wedding. Us sisters sang For Good from Wicked, and we were all bawling. It was so emotional, and I'm not even sure why. I guess that's just what music does to you.
Something very exciting happened this week. The church released 12 videos about addiction. I have never been so excited for anything church related in my entire life. Sister Heninger and I started a countdown as soon as we saw the trailer for the series. Everyone needs to take the time to watch all 12 videos. Hope is real, everyone. And so is the atonement. 
Sorry for this short email! our pday with the Hansen's cut our email time, but I promise next week will be better! 
P.s. enjoy a photo of us after weeding (hehe this is the kind of weed my subject refers to) our lives away!  
I found a word to describe my personality 
P.p.s I think my email last week may have only sent to 30 of my contacts instead of all of them??? If you missed it my blog is :)

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