Monday, September 21, 2015

Sister Pugmire's journal of psycho thoughts

Sister Pugmire's journal of psycho thoughts
Sept. 7th
5:45 pm

" group is always a little bit ahead of the other. i prefer to stick with the underdogs. the misfits. those who are misunderstood. i don't care if it is opposed by those who live under the same label that i do. i choose love. i will always choose love. and if that confuses others then so be it. the universe is one my side--and if i choose love then love will choose me. if i give love then love will find me. i may be confused, and a little lost at times, but i have faith in the universe. i have faith that my heart, mind, actions are recognized--even if i don't always know by what. but i will indeed get what i give. and i am determined to give as much love as my frazzled heart can give--and then some. and if it breaks me, so be it. i would rather be in pieces than untouched by love. i would rather be shattered than ignorant. i would rather be loud and misunderstood than quiet and accepted. i choose love."
This week has been crazy. Not physically, but mentally. There is so much to consider and think about when you are sitting in a Historic Site for 7 hours (and only 20 or so people come in for a tour). 

Random art:
I painted a weird moon thing on Sis. Heninger's arm with her favorite word (mundane) on it. And also she always gives me weird notes when we're doing teaching center. Here's one of them. Hahaha

note from Sis Heninger

deep thoughts by Natalie
The time for my outbound is approaching, and it's starting to become real (eeeek). For those who don't know, let me explain my mission a little:
It's a visitor's center mission! In Nauvoo I am in a different historic site every day (and I wear my pioneer dress), or I am assigned to serve in the Visitors Center (where I wear regular Sunday clothes). Our only transfer is to carthage, and young sister are only assigned there in the summer months. I had the privilege of serving there all summer :) After our "shift" that day, we have dinner and then we do teaching center! this is my favorite part of the day. We chat with people on, email investigators, and make phone calls! I love it. It is my favorite way to teach because I would much rather write than talk (mission calls really do come from God, people.).
Like temple square missionaries, we serve an outbound assignment where we proselyte! Our call can be to anywhere in the United States. and I will receive my call sometime at the end of this month, and I will most likely be leaving on October 9th. Then, after 6 month, I will return to nauvoo to finish my mission :)
I hope that all made sense!
I don't have much time, but something cool happened this week. As we prepare for our outbounds, we have dinner with Senior missionaries and after dinner we role play! They act like a Less Active that they know, or a nonmember. That way we are receiving revelation for a real person, and it is a learning experience for both of us. Sister heninger and I prepared a lesson, and then went to our shifts. I was in the Lucy mack Smith home, and a scripture came to me. I wrote it down, and wrote a short blurb about it. Didn't think much of it. But when we got to the lesson, what I had just thought about was the exact problem that the less active they were acting like had. The less active was their daughter, so they were taking everything we said seriously. I asked her to read the scripture i had found earlier that day, and before she got a few words in she was crying. Man, I don't know how to explain it but the spirit is so cool. Words were put into my mouth that night. Being a missionary is awesome.
I love my companion. I love Nauvoo. And I love the scriptures. 
Songs of the week:
-The End-Silverstein feat. LIGHTS
-All I Ask of You-Phantom of the Opera
Sorry I don't have time for more. I suck. But I love you all so much!
-Sister Pugmire ♥
P.p.s I started a quote book! So far it's full of lyrics I remember, or things I've written. I would love to fill it up, so if any of you have some favorite quotes I would absolutely love to hear them. ♥
All of the Sisters in the Nauvoo Mission!!! ♥

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