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Before I begin, I need to freak out for a moment. 





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Yesterday Sister Heninger and I were serving in the print shop. It was 4:44, and we close shop at 5. Two people walked in, a mom and her son who was about my age. I was talking with them when I noticed the son had the letters TSSF on the pocket of his shirt. And then it hit me...THE STORY SO FAR (a band I love and have seen twice)! I freaked out and told him I loved his shirt. And then he said....THANKS, THE DRUMMER IS MY BROTHER! And then his mom goes YEP THAT'S MY BOY and proceeds to show me photos from their shows and all this stuff. WHAT!!!!!!!! So after the tour she gets my home address and said she is going to send me their new stuff! (be looking out for that, mom and dad) LIKE OKAY. I was kind of freaking out inside. Yesterday was a great day. ANYWAYS. NOW MORE IMPORTANT THINGS.


This week went by so fast!!! We leave Nauvoo so soon! We will be getting our outbound calls either tonight or tomorrow night!!!! I can't believe it!!! ANYWHERE IN THE US!!!! I am so nervous and excited and scared and all of the things. It's like opening your mission call all over again!

Late night shenanigans 
This week the second summer sister went home. It was sooo sad. First time I've cried since being on my mission. Our mission is unique because you see everyone in the mission everyday. There are only 20 Young Sisters, and as a result we get really close. Really really close. Hugging them goodbye was torture, to say the least. (There are 6 second summer missionaries that are going home and 14 1st summer missionaries that are getting transferred).

What else happened this week....

There have been a lot more nonmembers coming into the sites and the Visitors Center! I was able to give away a Book Of Mormon, and so did my companion. What's cool is one morning Sister Heninger prayed that we could give away Book of Mormon, and for comp study we studied the origin of the Book and things of that sort. Within 5 minutes of walking into the VC she was talking with a couple and was able to use EVERYTHING we studied and she gave them a Book of Mormon. SO CRAZY. Specific prayers work!!!

Most of the missionary work we do here involves members! It's the best! Don't be afraid to let the missionaries help you with your missionary work and don't be afraid to sit in on lessons or invite them to have lessons in your home! It's sooo powerful! 

I met a couple that knows my grandparents! :)
Also Sister Heninger came up with an analogy that I really love. You know when you're changing a baby's diaper and the baby gets all worked up and upset, and you're just like "yo baby I need to change your diaper! You are going to thank me for this! you don't want to be sitting in your own crap all day!" But the baby is just focused on not wanting to be cold, or touched, or woken up or whatever. THAT'S US. GOD JUST WANTS TO CHANGE OUT DIAPER AND TAKE ALL THE CRAP OUT OF OUR LIVES BUT WE FREAK OUT AND CRY AND WONDER WHY WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH A DIAPER CHANGE. You may think this is a weird analogy, but to me it makes a ton of sense.

ALSOOOO We attended a baptism last night! How could I forget! All of us sisters were able to go because their interest was sparked after visiting Carthage, and then going to all the sites in Nauvoo. It was so cool. I love people, and I love when people are so willing to sacrifice. I need to be better at that.

The sky this morning was SOOOO beautiful! It was better 15 minutes before I took the photos, but you can still kind of see it. Gahhh, the sunsets and rises are amazing here

This week I was thinking about gifts. We have ALL been given gifts from God that enable us to help others. We are then put in specific places where we are able to use those gifts the most, and people are put in our paths to help us as well. Why do we care so much about which gifts we were given? Why does it matter what they are, as long as we are using what we have to help others? I wasn't given musical ability, or athletic ability, or A LOT of things, but if I use what I have been given to help others then it shouldn't really matter what it is that I'm using. Right? I'm trying to be better at focusing on using my gifts, rather than letting my thoughts linger on the gifts I don't have. YOU ALL HAVE GIFTS. USE EM. DON'T FOCUS SO MUCH ON CHANGING THE WORLD, BUT EVERY DAY TRY TO CHANGE SOMEONE'S WORLD. 
I literally live RIGHT across from the Nauvoo temple. It's insane.
(We're the yellow house)
I love you all. So much. I'm excited for the future, but I'm more excited for the now. Don't waste the time you have. You will always have tomorrow. Love the people next to you, talk to the people you can see, smell the roses. You know the drill.


*Clairvoyant-The Story So Far

*Navy Blue-The Story So Far

(my Songs of the week aren't usually songs I can listen to, but are songs I WISH I could listen to, or songs that have been running through my head that week. Listen to em for me:))

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