Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Wellll hellllllllo :)

I feel like I say this every week....but today was a great week!! :)

Sister Butler's black tights put to good use (Natalie on left)

I met Aubrey's (my best friend's) grandparents!! They were just the SWEETEST

Yeah, they were the sweetest people! I loved seeing them! Also a family from my ward came and brought me more daves killer bread....hmm hmm hmmm. I was so happy :')

Another random highlight, my friend Victor sent me all the lyrics to The Story So far's new album. He sent the little booklet that comes with the CD :) I just thought he deserved a shout out...SO THANK YOU VICTOR! :)

This week was the commemoration for the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith. It was so cool. All the Sister Missionaries sang the last number and it went really well :) The whole program was great. It was such a neat experience to give tours through the jail on that day. There was defintely a special spirit. My first tour of the day had a family from new Zealand and they were so incredible. They were both bawling and I could just see their testimonies on their faces. So cool.

Also, some big news, I'm...pregnant!

Okay, that's actually not true. THE REAL BIG NEWS: I've been out 3 months! When I waved goodbye to my family at the airport I told them I would see them in 3 months. I think they thought I was kidding, but I really wasn't. But here I am, still in Nauvoo :) And loving it!

One of the best days this week was when we went a little nutso. Sister Butler's black tights ripped, so we cut them up and wore them on our heads. We honestly looked so creepy hahaha so then we went to the Hanson's and scared the poop out of them. Sooo funny. THEN we got in our casual attire and ran into this HUGE puddle that had formed in the grass. it was more like a pond. We may have had a little fun. :)

The Hansons are the best! this week we got Chinese take out and ate dinner with them :) I am going to miss them so much if I am transferred out of carthage this week!

Oh, also I went on the Visitor's Center roof this week to clean gutters! hahah! that was fun!! Also on Sunday I did sign language at church! And wow...I'm rusty. I should be getting better soon....hopefully....

Oh and the BYU Ballroom dancers were here for a couple weeks! TALK ABOUT TALENT!!!

Sorry this email is so disorganized. Hahaha. 

The funniest thing that happened was an old man, as I was giving a tour, asked that if we re-instilled polygamy if I would be one of his wives. I started laughing so hard. I think the weirdest part is that he didn't laugh, and neither did any of this family members. It was so weird Hahahaha.

What I learned this week:
-I love writing letters
-Everyone says there is no grey area. There is. The problem is that God only accepts white, and Satan accepts every color.
-So many Christians are avid gossipers, or "tattle-tale-ers". It drives me nuts. If you truly believe in God, and you believe he knows all, then you know everything will be fair in the end and you would feel no need to talk about the sins of others. 
-vanilla chex is life
-My companion is the most patient person ever
-Music is still perfect
-Something I wrote during personal study:
There is a boulder flying towards us. God grabs it. and allows a small pebble to fall upon us. We cry out, "Why hast thou done this? Why have you allowed this burden to fall upon me? Don't you love me?" We continue to shout, failing to look up. We stare at the pebble, unaware of the boulder above our heads.

Oh, I wrote a poem this week. Sorry it's kind of a sadness barf. Enjoy ;)


The bright light yells
But the darkness whispers
Hands find ears
As cries ring out

Away from the noise
I follow the quiet 
As peace lends her hands
The other side shouts

All tales speak of light
As the height of all glory
But I can't seem to 
Push through the sound

So here I lay 
As an end to a story
The girl who lived
Six feet below ground

Don't worry I really am doing well, but when you have no time to drive alone blasting screamo music you write sad poems instead. Hahahaha.

Songs of the week:
Fire Escape- Half Moon Run
Let it Be- Blackmill feat Veela
Lying to You- Keaton Henson

Okay well I seriously love you all! Especially the person who is thinking "she doesn't even know me", I love the heck out of you.

Have a great week everyone! :)

♥ Sister Pug

P.s. I have transfers this week so I have NO idea when my pday next week will be :(

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