Monday, June 29, 2015


WE MET SISTER BECK!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! (And please disregard my horrid hair and stereotypical Mormon outfit that probably every sister missionary in the world has worn)
Sister Beck (center), President of the Women's organization for the entire LDS church!
I literally have 10 minutes left of email time. What is this. ANYWAYS HELLO EVERYONE!!!! This week was fantastic!!!
I swear every week I see someone I know, or someone who knows someone I know! This week I met David, the guy I went to prom with my Junior year's, seminary teacher! Sooo So funny! Also the Shepherds, a family that I grew up with, came to visit and surprised me! I loved it so much!! ♥
This week the weather has been crazy!!! We have had so many storms, and we had a tornado warning! It's so cool, I love driving home at night with all the thunder and lightning. 
Sister garrison, Sister Butler, and I!
We discovered an amazing game this week. I couldn't figure out how to load the video...but there is this game called the "whipped cream game" and it's SO FUN!!! We play it with the Hansons! baically you have to catch flying whipped cream in your mouth. As most of you guessed, I missed and it landed right on my left eye hahahaha. So so fun.

Oh, exciting news, I have been asked to do Sign Language during sacrament meeting, as well as 2 other sisters. This week we will start out by signing the hymns. I am so nervous, I haven't signed in so long! So it will be interesting!!
I had a chat a couple of days ago and I was explaining the Holy Ghost, and the man i was chatting with asked if the Holy Ghost was like harry's owl in Harry Potter, but instead for God. I thought that was so funny. Hahaha. I LOVE HARRY POTTER.
Awesome group of Bikers we met last week! The older man's name is Rodney and he is AMAZING!!!!!! He was misdiagnosed over 20 years ago which caused him to lose the ability to speak and his motor skills suffered as well but he is SO positive and we all learned so much from him!!!!!
Well, not too much happened this week. Still giving tours, making people cry in the martyrdom room, and translating basically everyone I come in contact with. The missionary life is a good one. 
One big thing did happen this week, though...My companion told me she loved me. After 4 weeks of being together, Sister Stirling said big those three words. IT WAS A GLORIOUS OCCASION WITH LOTS OF AWKWARD LAUGHTER. She is the best.

Also, despite the love I feel for Sister Stirling, I have found my soul mate. Her name is Sister Heninger and she is perfection. JUST THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU ALL KNOW. She wanted me to tell you all that we are getting married, but i wasn't sure how many of you would take me yeah. I don't even know what I am saying anymore. I'm so awkward. MOVING ON.

Sister Heninger and I being the freaks that we are. 
I LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. I LOVE THE RAIN AND CATS AND MUSIC AND PEOPLE. Yes, I miss at least one thing about home each day, but I find something new to love here as well.

SUPER awkward photo of me with a car I really liked hahaha
Thank you all SO MUCH for the love and support. I seriously love you all so much. ♥

Sista Pug

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