Saturday, July 11, 2015

4TH Oh July is definitely one of my favorite holidays :) This year was much different than the last, but it was still great. We had a party at the Shultz's house with food, live music, and sparklers. It was so fun to spend it with missionaries. ♥



So, we just had a new transfer! I AM STAYING IN CARTHAGE!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!! My new companion is Sister Butler, and she is one of the strongest people I have ever met. I'm so excited for this transfer. :)) Also my new Pday for this 6 weeks is Monday! ♥

Carthage Jail is only open for 4 hours on Sundays, and yesterday we gave tours to over 1,000 people!!! it was INSANE!!!! Busiest day I've had so far! It was so awesome though, I love meeting so many people each day. I've said this before, but it surprises me how many visitors ask to get photos of you/with you. It happened a ton yesterday and it's so funny!!!
One of the highlights of this week was saving a kitten! There was an orange kitten who was crying, hiding in a bush. The other sisters in Carthage would hear it as they were walking home. They called me, "the cat lady", and we caught it and brought it inside and fed it tuna and milk :) We eventually had to let it go because the animal shelter here only takes dogs, but it was fun to have it for awhile. :)

This week us sisters had a spirit week to lead up to Pageant!!! We had themes each day, and it was so fun :) On Wednesday we wore pink, obviously, and yesterday we had twin day. I'll send those photos in another email.

The best part of this week was the efy groups that we had!!! :) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE YOUTH!!!!!

I was sweeping one of the tours (walking behind everyone and making sure things kept moving), and it was one of the best tours I'd ever been on. Not because of the missionary giving the tour, but because of these kids. The minute we walked into the jail they were tearing up. Seeing these kids, especially the 17-18 year old boys, tearing up was one of the most humbling things I have ever experienced. Once we were in the martyrdom room, they were bawling. The spirit was amazing.

I wasn't able to say anything in the tour since I was sweeping, but I kept feeling the spirit telling me to. Once all of the kids were out of the jail, they were all gathered around while all of the efy counselors were bearing their testimonies. I knew I needed to talk to them, but I was too afraid. I basically walked around them like an idiot for 10 minutes, pretending to be doing something important. It was one of those moments where in my past life I would have pretended to be on my phone. Anyways. I finally listened to the spirit and asked the leader if I could talk to the kids after the counselors were done.
So, I did. And I'm not quite sure if I even remember all that I said. I told them that i was impressed with them, that when I was their age I was nothing like them. I told them that the path the church has outlined for them is the path to lasting happiness...that I've tried the other path and it sucks. I told them that we all have different realities, that the world is a different place to everyone... but the one thing that isn't relative is the gospel. The gospel connects us to each other, and the saints. Then, the spirit told me I needed to talk about depression. I didn't know why. So I told them, "I don't know why, but I need to say this.,." And I continued to speak about how I was diagnosed and I spoke of the atonement. I talked about how it wasn't medication or counseling that healed me, it was my understanding of the atonement and God's plan. And then I just ended with my testimony and kind of awkwardly walked away. I didn't even know what to do hahaha. But before I could get very far, one of the counselors ran up to me bawling, and gave me probably the best hug I've ever gotten. She just kept saying thank you over and over. Some other people approached me as well. One young man shook my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, "I am the reason you said that." It was amazing. And to think...I almost let my fear and doubt get in the way.
That was probably the best thing that's happened on the mission so far. I was so quiet for the rest of the day. I just walked back into the visitor's center, sat on the couch and was like "Yup."

So, that was my week :) I love you all, truly. ♥

Hollow Shell (acoustic)-Dayseeker
No Ordinary Love- Memphis Mayfire

I keep forgetting to write down the scriptures I like during the week...NEXT TIME!

Sister Pugmire

P.s. SHOUT OUT TO PAIGE, THE BEST ROOMMATE EVER. She sent me 3 kinds of oreos for my 3 months of being on a mission. can you be any more cute than that? The answer is no. 

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