Monday, June 8, 2015


Well, I have ten minutes left of email time...So I'm sorry if this email sucks. Hehe

This week was great!!! there is way too much to write!!!! I don't have a ton of photos because, lucky me, my camera was smashed in our mini van seat and has....died. It was a slow and painful death and I miss it terribly. So enjoy a selfie and a photo of the ORIGINAL door of the martyrdom room in Carthage Jail. 

So this week so much happened! Ah! A BYUi group came to Carthage!! I remember when I was at BYUi and in the religion classes they would pass around a sign up sheet to do a church history tour and I never even thought twice about it! So crazy! But anyways, it was so fun to give them all a tour of carthage!!! They were all so nice!!! one of them said I looked like a sister missionary from Pinterest! haha!

original door of the martyrdom room, Carthage Jail
I was in the Nauvoo VC for one of the days and we just had the best day! Within two seconds of walking in we found an older couple who had just gotten married in the Nauvoo temple the day before! it was soo cool because we had seen them two days before in carthage! Anyways, we talked to them for like 45 minutes and they were both crying and telling us their stories and it was SO COOL. Then We meet a nonmember couple and we taught them the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon! It was awesome!!!

THEN I saw the same lady who does the Native American Reservation stuff that I had seen last month! And we were talking and she had brought an investigator with her so I was walking him around the VC and he told me his life story and it was...incredible. He was on his way to drive his car into the river to commit suicide and something told him to drive to the temple instead. He ended up running over a nativity scene, and he ran Jesus right over. HAHAHA! Basically, he fell right into Jesus' lap. He had to go to jail because of it, but the Native American lady (I forgot her name...) and her husband started teaching him about the Book of Mormon while he was in jail and now he is living with them and is taking the discussions. :) We were talking about how this gospel is about love, and how we are all here to love and serve one another and his testimony was SO genuine and SO simple. I loved it so much. He told me he had died and come back to life, and that God brought him back because he needed to join this church. TALK ABOUT TENDER! He tried to hug me and i had to tell him I wasn't allowed to hug! It was so sad! :( But I really loved him, I could just feel how strong of a person he was and it was just so cool.

So guess what? I've been running a mile every morning! it's been really great actually! I bring my ipod and I play it out loud and it gives me a lot of motivation. We go to the High School and run the track there, and it's so nice because we go at our own pace and I can pretend I'm alone. Hahaha. It's fantastic.

Man, I wish I had more time! This is nuts!

Anyways, I am loving carthage!! And the mission!!! I saw a girl wearing Brand New (a band) shirt the other day in the VC and it made my whole day!!!! And yesterday Sister Lynn and Sister Wood told me Elder Holland was my spirit animal and I think I died a little inside because Elder Holland THROWS IT DOWN! He is so awesome!!!!!

Sister Lynn also quoted me in her talk last Sunday  and said I was "literally the most profound person ever" and now everyone is expecting me to say profound things and it's A LOT OF PRESSURE! Hahahaha! Pray for me! ;)

Anyway, I wish I had more time...but just know that I am doing well and I am loving life! I'm still weird and slightly inappropriate, but I think I'm growing up a tiny bit as well. 

Enos 1:27
Jacob 2:18-21

Fixin' -Walk the Moon
Shine Bright - Echosmith (i think that's what the song is called....)

ALSO!! The scriptures always remind me of song lyrics!!!

2 Nephi 23:1

2Nephi 4:28

Job 10:21-22 
("What are we without regret? What are we without that death at darkness?")

Jacob 5:40
("My bright is too slight to hold back all my dark")


-pride SUCKS
-without charity you are nothing
-WE ARE ALL SO ADDICTED TO OUR PHONES AND IT SUCKS!!!! I had kids texting during my tour of the Jail and in the MARTYRDOM ROOM and I was soooo mad at them!!!! Ah!
-Love at first sight is real-not in an "in love" way, but in a way where you see someone as a child of God the moment you see them and you love them. i totally felt this for the man I talked to who had ran over Jesus
-when you're on a mission you froget everything about your past life, including song lyrics, and it sucks

Well i really actually legitimately have to go now. Love you all!!! talk to you next Tuesday!!!!! ♥♥♥


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