Monday, June 15, 2015


Life is good in the Nauvoo Hood. 
This week has been SO great! I absolutely love serving in Carthage, and I absolutely love the people I serve with. There is a senior couple that I serve with, Elder and Sister Hanson, and they are MY FAVORITE. We live on the same floor of a giant house and we go over almost every night for cookies or ice cream, and it's SO FUN!\

So this week we had some fun and some interesting guests!! We have the BYU Young Ambassadors here with us! SO FUN! They came and toured Carthage, and sang Hymns in the Visitors Center. IT WAS SO AMAZING. MUSIC IS SO AMAZING. We also had a fireside done by them, and it was fantastic. I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but God sent me to a town full of music. And I am SO grateful. I am surrounded by music everyday and I just love it so much. 

We also had reception at the jail. Yes, a wedding reception. IT WAS SO WEIRD. EVERYTHING WAS JUST WEIRD. Weird vibes bouncin' around all over the place. They have called and said 40 people would be coming, and that they were going to have a picnic outside, but nobody said anything about a WEDDING RECEPTION. It was funky. And while all of this was happening, of course SISTER BECK shows up. So yeah, it was amazing to meet her but it was the most unfortunate timing of my life. 
We also had a deaf couple visit the jail! I gave the tour, and tried MY BEST to sign to them! It has been so long since I've signed, and I didn't know very many religious terms, but they were very understanding and forgiving. They were able to read lips extremely well, but I still tried to sign along as I spoke. It was a really cool experience, and now I want to brush up on my sign language!
Yesterday my Bishop from Idaho's family came to the jail! It was crazy, I recognized them immediately! It's so cool to be in a place where I am able to see people I know, and also meet so many different kinds of people from so many different parts of the world (but let's be honest, mostly from Utah).
Oh, for the last couple weeks I have been forgetting to mention the BEST THING EVER! Okay, so a couple weeks ago I got a package from my Grandma. Guess what was in it? DAVE'S KILLER BREAD! I screamed so loud when I opened it!!! :') Seriously such a blessing, I have the best Grandparents in the whole world!!! 

Mission Selfie!
Well, time is running short as usual. But I love you all! :-)
-Satan and the Holy Ghost don't have bodies, so they use ours. We either house the Holy Ghost, or Satan. There is no grey area.
-Not having music still sucks, having friends that are willing to send you music makes it suck a little less
-Bread is from heaven
-All About Us- He Is We
Randomly Sister Garrison asked me if I knew the band He Is We and I was like...YES!!!! And so we broke out in song on our walk home from the jail. It was glorious
-Andria-La Dispute
Better Life- Conditions
I should be getting a new camera today, so sorry for the lack of good photos! Enjoy a selfie, and a group photo of some of the Carthage sisters and students from BYUi ♥
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a great week ♥

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