Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hello everyone!!

So, random fact for you, I found out that the population of Nauvoo is 1,100 people! Isn't that insane? I mean, I thought Rexburg was small...this is insane! It's so funny to be in such a small town, preaching the good word in Pioneer Dresses. I love it though. :)
it's so funny, HAHAHA
I was able to skype with my fam bam this week! It was so great!! I loved being able to see and hear their voices at the same time!! I love them, and I'm so glad we can be together forever. :)

Hmm, what did I even do this week....

We went on the Community of Christ tour of Nauvoo! It was so interesting because it's the same history, but such a different story. It was also very interesting because it was so evident that the spirit was missing from their tour, it was solely a historic tour. It was cool to see though. :)

OH! I held a BABY GOOSE this week! Can we just talk about that for a second! I think baby animals save souls.It was SO cute! there was a couple here who came to visit (they served here last summer) and they love animals and are always finding them everywhere! So, they found a baby goose on the side of the road and adopted it for a couple of days! It may have pooped on me, but it may have been so cute that i didn't care.

This week my companion and I started having nightly screamo practice. It's going quite well, our neighbor Sister Heninger thought we were zombies so I think that's a pretty good sign.

Whenever we're in a site with a piano, my comp plays music. And as I've said before, it's the absolute best. She played Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade and it brought back SO MANY memories. Shouting it in the car on the 4th of July with William, Hanna, and Courtney. That was the best. And then screaming it on the way to the beach with Trevor, Dallin, and Kaelah. I swear that song could bring just about any two people together (I think I may have just figured out the key to world peace).
Selfies anyone?

Well, here are the things I learned this week:
-dwelling on your weaknesses is a form of pride. When you focus on yourself, even in a negative way, it's prideful.

-We are here to HELP one another. Being worthy to receive revelation is so important because it allows us to help others more effectively than we can alone. 

-I am pretty bad at trying to scream sing

-I love animals
-You can learn SO MUCH from those who have been on earth longer than you have. I love asking the senior missionaries about their "life stories." this week I was able to talk to a sister who served in a jail for 3 years and she had some amazing stories!

-road trips are perfect and as soon as I'm home I'm going on 27 of them

-If you are open minded, you can learn from everyone you meet. 

-Faith is so vital to our existence. I didn't realize this until I had an investigater who didn't see a need for it whatsoever.

-Eating Ice cream on garbage bags while watching a missionary movie with 11 sister missionaries isn't half bad

-Life is like a straw, it only sucks if you want it to

I've had a couple people talk to me about the comment I made that Satan wants us to hate our bodies because he doesn't have one, so I wanted to focus on that for a second.

It's not a phase mom!
There is NO evil that Satan will not do. Let that just sink in for a second He wants us to be MISERABLE. We say that all the time, but sometimes I think that I don't really let it resonate. Satan is jealous, he does not have a body. He wants us to hate ours, to harm it and to put harmful things into it. To destroy it. He wants us to think about our bodies ALL THE TIME So, when you start over thinking how you look, just tell Satan to stick it where the sun don't shine. :)

Scriptures of the Week:

-1 John 4:20

-Alma 26:12


Songs of the Week:

-Late Lives-Pianos Become the Teeth

-Don't Swim-Keaton Henson


I love you all so much, and I appreciate your letters and emails more than you know.

Keep on Keepin' on, my friends. ♥


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