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So, my pday has been changed to Tuesday for this transfer, and of course I failed to mention that last week. #sorry

So guess what?? I have been moved to Carthage! They got too tired of me in Nauvoo, so now I'm half an hour away serving in Carthage jail with 2 other companionships! So crazy!!! I have a new comp, and her name is Sister Stirling. And yes, she is related to Lindsey Stirling. SHE IS SO AWESOME!!!! I love her!!! She is 21, super chill, super funny, and a way better missionary than me even though I am supposed to be training her! Also we have 8 new sister missionaries here including my comp and they are so sweet and so excited to be here! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Trek Madness
Sister Stirling (new comp) & I

Being in Carthage is insane, it's so weird to go into the jail and look at the window Joseph Smith fell and died from. During the tours it's so crazy to see how EVERYONE'S countenance changes as we enter the martyrdom room. During one of the tours, I started talking to a couple in that room and I have never in my life felt the spirit that strong. It seemed like if I was able to see myself I would have been glowing. It was so weird, and I don't even know how to explain it. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO COME HERE AND SEE HOW AWESOME IT IS.

Earlier this week my comp and I were serving in the Nauvoo Visitors Center and we started talking to a girl named Kat. Her eyes were GLUED to us when we talked about the Savior, and the gospel. It was soo cool. We shared some scriptures with her, and got her email. She was so awesome :-)

This week I met TWO families moving to Vancouver, Washington and I freaked out and blabbed to them about how much I love it there for like 20 minutes. And then I just found out I have a friend who is moving to Portland. IT MAKES ME MISS IT SO MUCH!!! Enjoy the mountains and evergreens for me everyone!! 

Last Sunday when I was walking into church one of the senior elders grabbed me and had me in like this weird half hug thing and looked at me and said, "Which apostle wrote your talk last week?!" it was soooo funny! He was so close to my face! Hahaha!!! i told him I wrote it, and he asked which apostles I wrote talks for. Hahaha! The senior missionaries here are SOOOOO FLIPPIN CUTE!!!!!

We have a ton of shows here during the summer, and three of them opened this week. the senior missionaries are in most of them and I LOVE WATCHING THEM!! You can't help but just SMILE!!!
The senior elders during sunset! So cute!!!
We got to see the opening night of Sunset at the Mississippi and it was SOOO GOOD!!! The Young Performing Missionaries (YPMs)  and the Senior Missionaries are in it and it was just soo funny and perfect!!! I think I would marry all the YPMs even though that's super illegal to say as a missionary. Hahaha #whoops. But really, I just wish I could dance and sing! They are SO TALENTED it blows my mind!!!!

We also went on a 3 mile trek this week in our pioneer dresses and with handcarts! So fun!!!! We had four little spiritual messages along the way, and I got to talk to everyone about the atonement. BEST TOPIC TO TALK ABOUT EVER I basically just told everyone that we all suck and we need to get over it. hahaha! They all went around telling each other that they sucked afterward, it was so funny.

Well, this week has been great! There have been a ton of changes, but I know the Lord's hand is in all of them. :-) this missionary life is so crazy, and so different from anything I thought I would be doing at 20, but I am just loving it!!!!
I love these sisters soooo much! ♥
This week I learned:

-Going for morning runs in the morning is THE BEST

-Everyone will witness pain, but to suffer is a choice. 

-When we LOVE others, we are allowing ourselves to feel what they feel. To feel their pain, go through their trials, share their joy. That's what love is. When we LOVE others we are able to get a littler closer to seeing them the way Christ sees them. because Christ has felt all of our pains and knows how it feels to go through our trials.

-An hour and a half on email isn't long enough

-When you find an SD card with concert photos from when you say PTV and SWS you become a very happy missionary

-DRIVING IS SO GOOD. I got to drive today and I was screaming. Literally.

-baconaters from Wendy's are heaven sent


-Alma 26:32

-Alma 36:21


-School Friends- Now, now

-What is love (cover)- Jaymes Young



Also if you want to feel a lot of feelings and possibly tear up a tad bit watch this video:

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