Sunday, September 11, 2016

You are not alone in this

August 25, 2016

my dear friend Paige sent me a potato in the mail. Yes, a potato. I loved it. 

Well, transfers happened! I am now companions with Sister Wood, and I live with Sister Lynn and Sister Nelson!!! We were all together in the MTC, so it's basically a giant love party to be back together again. It's perfect.
Chappy and I!
This week was great, but also sad... Both Sister Heninger and Anderson left us for fall semester of college. We all hugged, we all cried, it was a big mess. I'm convinced there is nothing like the Nauvoo sister's bond. 
We also spent a day working with the FM (Facilities management) crew, like I said in my other email. It's insane the work that goes into running this place....I always need to be reminded of how much I have to be grateful for, and how much work others do for me. 
This week we did service--we helped the FM crew
weed and water all the plants in Nauvoo! 
Everyday I am just in awe of the people I am privileged to meet, talk with, and love. The missionaries here, the visitors, and those I talk with online....all carrying something I need, and offering me a piece of it. 
I've come to the realization that the difference between Jesus/God and Satan is Love. And this love connects us. So, Satan's' big lie is that we're all independent of each other--that we don't need other people. That we know what's best for us, we need to follow our dreams, and not care what others think. It's...bogus. We need each other, badly. And as we humble ourselves, reach to others, and have love for them God can dwell with us. 
I am so grateful for the countless experiences I've had that bring faith and hope into my life. I'm grateful for the people that made these experiences possible. 
You all mean the world to me, because you've got the whole world inside of you. Go out there and share it. 
Last group photos before Sister Anderson and Sister Heninger left us :'(
♥Sister Pugmire
P.S. And just so you can get to know my companion, this week she told a catholic nun to trip someone with her cane.....Yupp. And she steals my camera. 
Pokemon Go is taking over Nauvoo....
Sister Wood

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  1. You must have had a lot of fun with that potato.