Sunday, September 11, 2016

We've traded in hope for safety

September 2, 2016

Love love love

Well, this week was amazing. I simply love my mission.
We spent a lot of time in the historic sites this week, and I loved having the time to study and talk with the senior missionaries. I am going to miss them sooo much..
Fun times at the cultural hall!

We also got to go out to Carthage to help some of the sisters there prepare for their out-bounds. They leave the beginning of October and I'm hoping some of them are called to Virginia! :-)
I also gave a training to the whole mission about how we should teach others about Jesus Christ if they are not of our faith. My underlining message was that to teach others about Jesus Christ, you teach them about love. 
Afterwards I was talking with the seniors and receiving compliments, and I think my favorite was..."Hey! Hey Sister Pugmire! Where are you from? Oh, Washington State? I guess we're buying my grandson a plane ticket!" LOL. The senior missionaries are always trying to set us up with their grandsons...
Sister Hansen
Sister Helsop
This morning we had our mission breakfast, where the departing missionaries are able to put on a skit and the mission sings "Farewell Nauvoo" to them. This time, it was our turn to do a skit...I can't believe time has gone so quickly. Nauvoo will forever have a piece of my heart. 
I didn't know anything when I first came out on a mission, and I still don't... But I am more convinced than ever before that God loves His children. 
I hope you have a great week, and I love you dearly. 
The subject line comes from the song Machines by Crown the Empire:
"We hold onto lies to feel free, so shackled by smiles so empty
we're scared of the war so we've forgotten who we are.
We've traded in hope for safety, we're raising the smoke 
insisting that we're all too tired to light the fire and change the earth.
But if all we are is just machines, then let's become a miracle and break free from these chains.
We must be more than just machines, so let them hear out hearts. 
Let them hear our hearts."
♥Sister Pugmire
this summer
last summer

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