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Lights will guide you home

February 22, 2015

Hello everyone!



This week was crazy. Last Monday our emails were having difficulties and in the words of my companion it was a "trial of my faith." (But they should be up and running again!) Then on Tuesday we had our sisters meeting, with half of the sisters in the mission. But....guess who forgot about it? We did. We found out in an unconventional way, and made our carpool group a whopping 40 minutes late. Good thing meetings aren't my favorite thing anyways. ;) We got lost via public transport, we were dropped by two investigators, and we couldn't do our weekly planning Buffalo Wild Wings run because....we're broke.

But guess what happened Friday? That made up for all of it? One of our investigators gave us each a pizza. A whole myself. God is good.

Let me also tell a story of what happened earlier that Friday night.

We had a lesson with a solid family we've been working with for awhile who recently got some false information about the church via online and word of mouth. We had two members of the ward with us, and we were prepared for all the questions we knew would be thrown at us. One member in particular found Bible verse after Bible verse to answer all of the questions they had. But once we only briefly answered one, another question was shouted out. Somehow in all of the confusion, I received a prompting from the spirit to explain something to them. I couldn't, though, because there were so many people talking at once. I waited, and eventually just rose my hand. Everyone quieted down, and stared at me. I explained what the spirit had told me, and they were all silent.
This family has chosen to be done with the church, and that is why I am grateful I was able to say what I did when I had the chance. But that isn't the point of his story. The point of this story is: the spirit does not guarantee success. The spirit cannot take away the agency of another personnothing can do that. But when we use the spirit, we know that we have done all that we could. And that's what we are here to do.

As a missionary, I am not here to try to force my set of beliefs on anyone. I'm here to share what I believe with people, and let them know that there is a path that I can help them walk if they choose it.

Everyday we meet people who choose this path, and people who don't. We meet people who let us in excitedly, and those who slam the door.

Everyday we meet children of God. A quote that comes to mind is: "Your perception of me is a reflection of you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me."

What could have been an awful week, was not all that bad at all. I received three packages (THANK YOU), I felt the spirit, and I ate pizza. It's the small things.

Lyrics today come from Fix You by Coldplay. Forever one of my favorite songs. It's mentioned in the first of the church's addiction recovery program videos, and I think of that every time I hear it. So so good.

I love you all. Know that you can't control the world you live in, but you can control your perception of it. And that right there is power.

Until next week 💕


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