Friday, February 12, 2016

Am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease?


To me, pain is an energy source. And as we know energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. So what does that mean? It means that when another person causes us to feel pain, they had that pain first. Now, our own selves and experienced give this pain meaning, so the pain will vary from person to person, but it is still pain. This outlook gives me a lot of clarity to the concept of forgiveness. We live in a world where people are transferring and holding in pain, over and over again. It seems that the only options are to transfer it to someone else, or to keep in inside. So what are we supposed to do?

I do not understand the science behind the atonement of Christ, but I do know that Jesus Christ can somehow take pain without giving it out to others or keeping it. That somehow He is able to get rid of it.

Imagine if instead of transferring our pain, or keeping it hidden away in ourselves, we all gave it up to Christ? Something to think about.

OK I'm going to try this new crazy thing where I just talk into my iPad and it writes my email for me! What even is this life. I guess we are so blessed with the technology we have. But maybe not because there might be a lot of spelling errors and grandma cool (grammatical) errors so we will just see! Anyways, I'm not really even sure what happened this week. It went by so fast! We… Ate the most delicious bagel ever! There is this place here called Bodos bagels and there are only three of them in the world and they are in Charlottesville Virginia. We decided to check it out but guess what it looks just like voodoo donuts at any given minute, the line was so long. But it was so good and I understood why everybody was there. Also we saw some people from the new UVA football coaching team that is being transferred from the BYU football team. For those of you that really care about sports it was pretty great, for me it was a normal day. But it was awesome that when we went to our ward on Sunday they were there!! Hmm...What else even happened? Well I dyed my companions hair! I gave her an ombre and it was sweet! And super great news, our two most solid investigators were at church on Sunday! Woo hoo! It was so great to see them there and what was even more great was the fact that they contributed in class more than anybody else! They are so awesome. We actually got asked to teach that class that morning, so it was such a relief when they continued to raise their hand.

Alright, I'm switching back to writing. That was harder than I thought. Haha!! But yeah, it was a great week!! We had some amazing lessons. Another great thing that happened was that before I even got here, someone gave us a PS2 with a ton of games and told us to give it to someone less fortunate. Then this week we met with one of our investigators who had their home broken into, and their game system, TV, and tons of other things stolen. They bought a new TV, but weren't able to replace everything that was stolen. It should have been obvious, but we had forgotten about the PS3 that had been in our trunk for so long. And then it dawned on me....We delivered it last night and they were soooo excited. That was just the best feeling!!!

I love being a missionary!! Things are so good, and I can't believe I'll be headed back to Nauvoo in April. Time has just been flying by, like I say every week. It's nuts.
I love you all so much!!!!! Do something out of the ordinary this week. Oh! And the lyrics today come from Coldplay. Sister Pugmire

P.s. My comp is from Denver so I just have to add a little Go Broncos 💙

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