Monday, November 2, 2015

My name is Puggy and I like to party

Pday festivities

This week went by so fast! We tracted, we had lots of appointments, we had exchanges with the STLs, I had Phad Thai for the first time in seven months (eeeeeeek!!), we listened to the rock version of hymns, we got tiwis put into our cars (barf), we had zone conference, I pet a lot of dogs (EVERYONE here has a dog), I had a dinner appointment where the mom told me that the day in the future that they visited in Back to the Future was THAT EXACT DAY (I freaked out), I got an amazing package from my family, I laughed a lot, and i ate a lot of cereal.

The highlight of my week was probably yesterday. A woman came up to me in church, and asked if we could talk. With tears in her eyes, she explained that after hearing my testimony on my first Sunday in the ward she had turned to her husband and said I was the one who could help their daughter. As she was telling me about her daughter, it felt like she was telling me about myself. Her daughter has been kicked out of buyi, detests Mormon culture, and has lost her testimony as a result. As the mother was speaking, I just wanted to cry. I want to help her daughter more than I know how to explain. It's moments like that that cause me to be so grateful that I'm a missionary.

If you can't head is our pumpkin in this photo. We're lame. Hahahaa

Also this week we had three lessons with Nathalie, and she wants to be baptized! She is currently in Paris, and is moving out of our area shortly after returning 😔 but she does want to continue meeting with missionaries in her new home! She asked us if we could come to her baptism, and it broke my heart to say we weren't allowed to!!

We currently have four investigators with a baptismal date, which is exciting! These dates are more goals, but it's exciting to see them progress and to see them become as excited as we are!!

One thing I've been thinking a lot about this week is this: It's harder to have the problem than to deal with the problem.

We are so easily annoyed by others, but we don't always think about the fact that we get the easy job. Dealing with someone's problem is never harder than actually having the problem. We need to be patient, we need to be understanding, and we need to be loving.

What is deemed as "wrong" in our reality may not be as clearly labeled in another's, or in other cases may be labeled as "right." It reminds me of Sister Heninger's favorite quote: what is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly. I'm continually and consciously reminding myself of this.


In other news, my companion is still a complete babe. She eats more cereal than I do!!! I have been so lucky when it comes to companions.

I've loved every single one of them, so much.

Well, that's all for this week!!! I love you all soooo much!! 🙃
Yay for cliche photos???

The boy who blocked his own shot-Brand New


Helaman 12:7-8

Well, keep it classy everyone.

Sister Pugmire 🤘🏻

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