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AFTER!!! -  I chopped my hair off. It was extremely liberating 💕
Call me crazy, but... I ACTUALLY LIKE TRACTING. I don't know what it is, but the people here are so friendly. They listen and either politely decline, or allow us to teach them. It's crazy. I haven't even been yelled at, it's almost weird.

This week was stressful! We had some awesome investigators that were just not calling us back. When you care about people as much as missionaries do, it sucks when they drop off the face of the earth.

BUT, good news, they were all either in the hospital or super busy!

(Not good news that they were in the hospital, but good news that they still want to meet with know what I mean.)

We have a new investigator named Salia who is AWESOME!!! I've only taught her one lesson since sister Manson met her while on exchanges, but I can just tell how open and eager to learn she is. I love it.

Nathalie is still in Paris!!! She gets back this week, and we will get to see her once before she moves away!! :(

Marcus finally got back to us!! I'm not sure if I've mentioned him before, but he has had all the lessons and wants to be baptized! He was at church yesterday, and we're going to see him again Tuesday. So excited!!!!

We have two teenage girls on date for baptism as well, their older sister and mother are recent converts and we meet with the whole family every week! I love them!!!

Cynthia is on date for baptism, but has yet to come to church! So we will see how that all goes. Sister Manson is PRO at being blunt and honest, and we have been, but it's really hard to know what Cynthia is thinking!

Our ward is planning a temple trip for everyone who was recently baptized and we are so excited for that!!! Our ward mission leader is bomb, and we've been working with him to get it all set up. We're focusing on family history so all of the recent converts can take their own names to the temple!! It's going to be sweet, I'm sad I can't go!!

Man, I love Virginia. I love being a minority, and I love meeting so many different kinds of people.

I am so grateful for the members here, and for all of the food we get!

It's crazy!! This week when we were at a members house for dinner the FUNNIEST thing happened. The mother asked her 8 year old son to sit next to me. He hid behind her and slowly said, "red hair, dark eyes.....always mischievous." I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!!! Hahaha!!!! Also their kids asked if I was a witch for Halloween....I wasn't even dressed up. I think I'm scaring everyone.

We went to the ward trunk or treat party! Super fun! I loved seeing everyone dressed up....and I may have been just a tad jealous.

That night sister Manson and I were laying in our beds and I was half asleep...then suddenly there was a super bright light shining in my face. I opened my eyes and sister Manson was literally staring at me from across the room with a flashlight. I proceeded to ask her what in the heck she was doing...and she responded with a casual, "I forgot what you looked like." She's so weird. I kind of like it a lot.

Well, everything is great over here! We had zone conference, and it was really good. One of the elders got up and changed the entire training he was assigned to give and decided to talk about love, and bullying. If you know me, you know I pounced on that one real quick. I could talk about love for the rest of my life. Afterwards sister Manson was like, "whoa there look at Puggy gettin all passionate in there." I CANT HELP IT. THE GREATEST THING YOU'LL EVER LEARN TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN.

Oh, movie quotes, THAT REMINDS ME!!! We visited a TON of less actives this week, one being a Japanese woman and her husband. She was so gracious towards us, and invited us in without even knowing our names.

She sat us down at gave us food! And gets better....I saw the movies Spirited Away and Howls the Moving Castle sitting on her desk. AHHHHHH!!!! I freaked out. gets even better....I find out she has FIVE CATS!!! We stayed for like an hour visiting with them about their travels, looking at their photos of Peru (I WILL go there someday), and petting their cats. I love people.

This week we had transfer calls and both sister Manson and I are staying here in the dale city ward!!! Ah I'm so happy!!!!

Well, I love you all. So much.


Swing set- Moving mountains

Sol Solis- Moving mountains

And Hanna wrote me a letter with songs of the week so here are those too:

No more bad days- this wild life

The cascade- moving mountains

Sunrise- our last night


Sister Pugmire

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