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Hello loves! 

Well, another week has come and gone. It's absolutely insane how fast this mission I going by. Sister Uata and I were talking about what we did for New Years when we were home and we both just stared at each other when we realized that was 8 months ago.....that just doesn't feel right. SO WEIRD.
Sister Mikolyski drew this of all us Carthage sisters! It's SO COOL!!!! I'm on the left :)
A quote that's been on my mind this week is this one: "Another human soul will never experience the innermost workings of your mind; it is as if your life is a race and you are running it alone. But what seems the most remarkable are the moments when others run beside you, and you become something more."

You don't have to completely understand someone's life to run beside them. But when you do run beside them, you both will become something more. Something better. And as you love them you will feel pain when they do. You will feel joy when they do. As you begin to love them you begin to understand them. As human beings we rely so much on connections. Some of us often say we like being alone, and that we need our alone time. But in the end we all still feel the need to be connected at the core with SOMETHING. Music, another human, a cat, the grass. Something. And that connection, that's what keeps us going. I'm probably one of the laziest people you will ever meet, but this core connection is something that motivates even me. This connection makes life worth it. 

Being on mission has taught me that I not only need to have this connection with others, my brothers and sisters, but I need it with my Father in Heaven as well. He created me, we already are connected at the core. We're connected in a way that's higher and more powerful than anything else, yet it's one of the hardest things to recognize. One of the hardest things to feel, especially when we're too busy and too twisted up in our own thoughts. 

This week, or you could say month, I've been twisted up in my own thoughts. But I've found that joy truly comes from simplicity, and that contention dwells in complexity. This week, one of my many mangled and confused prayers was answered by a 5 year old girl. 

I was giving a tour of the jail to a group of about 25 people. It was your average tour consisting of a couple families. One young girl, as it normally happens, had questions at the end of each room. She was very sensitive, and had questions any young adult might have as well. At the end of the tour, her hand went up. I asked her what her question was, and she said she needed to tell me something. She got up, and went to the front of the Martydom room where I was standing. She stood directly in front of me, looked up into my eyes, and then turned around to face the others. She proceeded to bare her testimony. What left her mouth was the most simple, most genuine testimony I had ever heard in my entire life. 

When life is simple, life is good. After the tour  she began to pick flower petals and place them in my hands. It's amazing how in tune with the spirit children are. 

On Saturday we went to the Hanson's for wings and brownies. We ate, talked, and played some games. As we were playing this cup game at the table, I couldn't help but to just start smiling. Again, I was graced by the simplicity of it all. Of how a table, chairs, and 8 cups can bring people together. I'm not quite sure how to explain it.

This week the YPMs are going home. BIG FROWNY FACE. They brought so much life and love to the mission. One of my favorites quotes is "Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time." The YPMs truly decorated the time I have spent here in Nauvoo, and they will be greatly missed by all. I had the opportunity to actually talk with some of them yesterday (our schedules didn't really permit us to do so previously), and I wish I had been given more time to get to know all of them. You truly can learn something from every person you come in contact with. Yesterday I learned that even if you love EVERYONE, if you love them more than God you're breaking a commandment. That was a major wake up call for me. Another thing I learned is when we're looking for someone to spend eternity with us, we need to find someone who suffers in a way that's compatable with the way that we suffer. Someone's whose demons mesh with our own. It's easy to be happy with someone, it's easy to laugh with someone. But life is full of so many other things. I also learned that you cannot plan out your life. I talked with two elders who had a plan for their lives, and whose lives took them in much different directions. God has a plan for each one of his children. He has the best case scenario laid out in front of us. He knows we have agency, and he makes the best out of every choice we make. But, if we want what's ultimately best for us, we must ask him and make our choices according to Him. Sometimes these choices don't make any sense. Sometimes the road blocks that appear seem to only be roadblocks. But they're not. And I know that when we look back, when we are able to see where that roadblock took us, we will wonder why we ever wanted anything else.
Sister Missionaries and YPLs (Young Performing Missionaries)
Does what I say ever even make sense? I'm not sure. But there's some word vomit for all of you. Not too much has been happening this week, things are slowing down now that the shows have ended, but it's given me a lot of time to ponder and study.

 Next Monday is transfers, and all the Carthage sisters are headed to Nauvoo with a new companion and a new pday. I can't believe I only have a couple more transfers until THE OUTBOUND. Life is crazy, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 
Oh, quick shout out to MY MOMMA!!! Happy birthday you beautiful woman. I'm sorry you had to deal with me for 20ish years of my life. I hope you eat a lot of chocolate to make up for it. Hehe. 

Well I love you all. I say it every week, but I truly mean it. Do something weird this week, and eat something yummy. 💕

Songs of the week:

Say Nothing-Pianos Become the Teeth

Under A Falling Sky-Moving Mountains

I'll Be The First-Kill It Kid

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