Thursday, August 27, 2015


TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!
We have officially been kicked out of Carthage and are now in Nauvoo! My companion is Sister Heninger, and we are living in the Nelson house with 6 other sisters! It is SUCH A NICE PLACE!!!! I feel sooo spoiled her in Nauvoo!!
Pictures from the State Fair! :)   We learned how to march! 

Ah, so my new Pday is Thursday! It feels like my last pday was forever ago, so I don't even know where to start.

I rode a camel this week! Yes, you read that right, I rode a CAMEL. I was assigned to help with "Nauvoo on the Road" and got to go to the Illinois State Fair! It was so fun! We were all in our Pioneer dresses, and we helped kids play Pioneer games. After that we went out to dinner..and it was SO FUNNY. Imagine 6 young girls in Pioneer dresses with a couple of senior elders also in period clothing...hehe. Many assumptions were made that day I'm sure.

What else happened....Oh, someone called me Sister Scissor hands! Haha! My nails are pretty long...and he told me he was scared I was going to slash him. WHOOPS!

Last day in Carthage!
This week while we were moving some of my stuff got lost. I had put a ton of stuff in a garbage bag, and realized it hadn't gotten to Nauvoo with me. I then had a dream last night that someone had thrown in into the dumpster thinking it was trash. I called Elder Lasher in Carthage and he dumpster dove for me! but couldn't find it. Later Elder Hanson decided to double check and HE FOUND IT!!!! It was at the very bottom!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THEM!!!!! I am grateful to have to Senior Elders who are willing to dumpster dive for me :')
We took this after District meeting!!! I love them!!

Well, this week I reached 5 months! I can't believe that summer is already coming to an end, it makes no sense. Time is just flying by....and the outbound is coming up so fast!

Not sure if you can tell, but I dyed my hair this week
 and I'm loving it!!!!!

Ooooh, exciting news. Being companions with Sister Heninger means I inherit her investigator! She has been working with an 18 year old girl who lives here in Nauvoo. It's no question that our companionship is inspired because after their last lesson Sister Heninger came home very frustrated because apparently the investigator "thinks just like Sister Pugmire"  (aka she's super logical). Then 4 days later....we were called as companions! Ah! I am so excited to work with our investigator, and I hope that the fact that I think about things in a weird and slightly psychotic way will be helpful to her. :)

My new comp is Sister Heninger! She's a weirdo and I can tell we're already to have WAYYY too much fun this transfer

Well, that's about all that's been happening! I love you all so much!

Temple trip last night!

When the Day Met the Night- Panic at the Disco
Invincible- The Orphan, the Poet
Romans 8:35-39 NOTHING can separate you from the love of God. ♥ 
 And Lots of Pictures:
All the Carthage Sisters, and our house!!! (We share it with Seniors as well)
Sister Butler!!! ♥


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