Tuesday, October 13, 2015


What's pday without rollerblading to Fall Out Boy?

september 30th, 2015
"people will tell you that love hurts-that is will tear you apart before you can fathom what is happening but i think that people are a little confused. love is lovely. love binds, love makes us irrational in a way that turns dreams into something tangible. it is only when love is lost that we feel the sorrow set in. it is only when love is lost that our ribs have no defense against the loneliness that creeps in through the cracks. it is not the love that hurts-it is the lack of it."

"everyday of your life you will wake up imperfect. you will make imperfect steps that will lead you to imperfect people. you will leave the stove on, you will fail a test, and you will hurt someone who loves you more than anyone else. you will do these things, and you will do them effortlessly. let go of perfect-you will never be that. you will never know how. let go of perfect, and hold on to love. as we are inherently imperfect, the act of forgiving is no differently stored in our bones. love runs in our veins, but we won't know it until we bleed a little. it is easy to 'love' those who don't hurt us-but that is not love. but when we are cut, and bruised, and torn that is when forgiveness becomes something more. that is when we love."

"when i was 6 years old a skinned knee was a ten. the worst pain i knew, and the worst thing i'd felt. at age 11 what i hated most was being grounded, unable to see those i cared for most. at 17 my tragedy was heartbreak-the realization that the person who meant the world to me felt nothing when they saw my face. the realization that people lie, and say certain words because they want certain things. at 21 my ten is looking outside my window. my ten is witnessing the hatred that fills the human race. i miss my skinned knees."

Not a ton has happened this week, so I thought I would share a few of my journal entries. I know I always say this, but seriously when you are in a historic site for 7 hours and you only get 5 or 6 tours your brain does some wild things.
this wolf wants you to know that you're lame

So, you've all heard the news: VIRGINIA WILL BE MY HOME FOR 6 MONTHS. ♥
I'm so excited. I leave in less than a week. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS TIME HAS ACTUALLY COME. On Wednesday I will leave beautiful Nauvoo at 3:30 AM, and I will start a new adventure with new people, new rules, and basically a new everything. WISH ME LUCK. 

Next Tuesday will be my last Pday here in Nauvoo. :) aHHHHHHH!!! I'm not sure when my pday will be on the outbound, but I do know that I'm going to have an ipad!!!! :))

So, last pday was fantastic. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and they were playing THE BEST music. The 1975 and arctic monkeys. Hmmmm. Tender mercies everywhere. Then we went shopping and roller skating!! Okay, that was a blast. 

I love the sisters here and I am soo sad to leave them. But change is good, right??? RIGHT??


I love you all. Sorry this is so short. I'll talk to you all next Tuesday :))


8105-Moving Mountains

The Deep End-Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Machines-Crown the Empire


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