Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Sister Heninger made me wear this headband allllllllll day

 Hello friends!!!

Well, i have limited time on email this week because we had to pack and clean our lives away before we got to have email time. TODAY IS INSANE.

I leave for Virginia at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning. Has it hit me yet? No. But this is how I feel about it. 

Seriously though. This has been me all day. SDLFHDFJKGHDFJK

Well, this week I turned...TWENTY ONE. LIKE WHAT. GROWING UP IS GROSS. Well, not really... but it's a strange feeling. 

My mother (the best mother of all mothers) sent me a GLORIOUS package full of balloons, candy, and 21 letters from my friends and family!!! I was soooo SO happy to get it!!!

Also my companion (the best companion of all companions) got me a....TWENTY ONE PILOTS SHIRT. LIKE WHAT. I GUESS SHE KNOWS ME REALLY WELL OR SOMETHING. 

Sister Mikolyski drew this for my birthday...and I'm obsessed with it (and her)

Anyways. This week was great. It did not feel like the last week of being in Nauvoo for 6 months....I'm trying to think of what else happened this week but my brain in literally mush at the moment. 

OH! CONFERENCE WAS BOMB! Wasn't it?? What were all of your favorites?? Didn't Holland KILL IT? I cried It was great. And President Monson...Oh my gosh. Reminded me of King Benjamin in Mosiah 2. 

Sorry this email is so LAMMMEEEEE. I will have A LOT more to say when I'm in Virginia and when I have more time!!!

another photo from when we got our calls! ♥

The senior sisters singing to us!!! Soooooo cute!

(My pdays should always be on Monday for the next 6 months)

Well, I truly do love you all. SO MUCH.


Migraine-Twenty One Pilots

Car Radio-Twenty One Pilots

Holding Onto You-Twenty One Pilots


  1. Wow, a Sister Missionary with a wrist tattoo! Now that's rad--and awesome!

    1. Hey, Hopfrog, good to see you! Sometime we'll have to figure out the relationship.